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New Collaboration Announcement
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sikka.ai and ExamOne collaborate to provide oral healthcare information through HealthPiQture

We are thrilled to announce that Sikka's Oral Care Health Indicators will now be available through ExamOne's HealthPiQture™ platform. This collaboration will allow life insurance underwriters to utilize Sikka's extensive dental database and proprietary oral health-based indicators to expand the scope of risk assessment data that inform their risk classifications. This collaboration fits hand-in-hand with ExamOne's HealthPiQture™, which will provide a comprehensive picture of an applicant's past and current health, ultimately increasing the speed and accuracy of accelerated underwriting.

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What is Sikka?

Sikka is helping to rethink the important retail healthcare market using an award-winning single API cloud platform with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. Sort of like Stripe in payments and Twilio in communications, Sikka is focusing on non-physician practices in dentistry, vets, optometry, chiropractic, orthodontic and oral surgery.


How can Sikka help you?

Sikka has solutions for all your business healthcare needs!

Practice Optimization Tools

Our marketplace is filled with optimization tools to gain full control of your practice such as Business Optimization, Payment Processing, Revenue Cycle, Reputation Management, and much more!

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Sikka Economic Indicators

Sikka was able to track the impact of the pandemic better than anyone else out there. We created an Industry Trends website that can be accessed to see week-over-week performance of practices. Interestingly, there is a very high correlation to economic performance.

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