Solutions for Buy-Side Investors is a powerful platform that is optimizing the business of healthcare with connectivity, applications and insights.

Insights = Power

Sikka Insights collects up-to-the-minute deidentified data from opt-in dental, veterinary, chiropractic and optometry healthcare providers that Sikka serves using its market-leading API integration platform. Sikka’s award-winning single API makes it possible for service providers to easily connect with the Practice Management Systems that their clients use. The resultant, rich dataset to which Sikka Insights has access can inform actionable predictions of the performance of specific public companies that are suppliers to these healthcare sectors.

Why use

All information is deidentified at both the patient and practice levels but, at the same time, still able to inform estimates of business volume of products sold by publicly-traded companies, such as dental appliance and equipment manufacturers, distributors and insurance providers. The information on volume of business by procedure type can tie directly into models of company sales and be correlated with known historical revenue and earnings to estimate current period results ahead of earnings announcements.


Unique Patients

on the platform across North America



processed daily on the SikkaPay platform


Daily Aggregate Value

of all claims, transactions, procedures and fees

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Gerry Mintz

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Gerry Mintz leads the Sikka Insights data business. He has spent 20+ years as a strategic business leader and advisor in the financial software and information business. He has grown global businesses ranging in size from $10M to $600M. Gerry served previously as CEO of PerTrac, President of Gartner Executive Programs, EVP and Global Head of Enterprise Information Systems at Reuters and CEO of FAME. He has also been a strategic advisor to a number of information and software companies and a member of several Boards.