Solutions for Your Veterinary Practice is a powerful platform that is optimizing the Veterinary practice with connectivity, applications and insights. & the Veterinary Industry

At, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored solutions for veterinary practices by utilizing our award-winning health API platform to help increase efficiency and optimize your practice.


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PMS Compatibility
  1. Advantage
  2. AVIMark
  3. ClientTrax
  4. CornerStone
  1. DVMAX
  2. HVMS
  3. ImpromedInfinity
  4. Intravet
  1. OpenVPMS
  2. StringSoft
  3. VIA

How can we help you?

From payment solutions to mobile monitoring apps to our Practice Optimizer, offers a wide variety of solutions to help you focus on patients while upgrading your practice at the same time! Click below to learn more.

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How it works?

Our Vet Dictionary collects and analyzes data from compatible PMS systems to generate fee data and standardize procedure codes, not only making it easier to focus on patients but also helping you maximize profits.

To learn more, please contact:

Jennifer Scarberry

Veterinary Business Leader
Email | Direct (408) 600-0370


Jennifer Scarberry has enjoyed an expansive career in the Animal Health market for over 25 years. She started in sales at the age of 20, and has progressed in her roles and responsibilities to include CEO & Founder, Director of Sales, National Sales Trainer and Regional Manager. She founded AAAExecutives, which assists organizations entering the Animal Health market while developing and executing go-to-market (GTM) strategies. Jennifer’s experience in Animal Health has a span that reaches across Pet Food, Pharma, Distribution, Diagnostics, Home Delivery, Flea/Tick, Private Label, OTC, E-Commerce, Data/SaaS, and so much more. Her expertise is highly prized and she has worked with a large number of organizations to help them successfully launch their North American business. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys playing golf with her partner Todd, as well as tending her garden, trying out a new recipe, watching college basketball, and she loves to travel to explore new places.


Veterinary Optimization Bundle

Practice management reporting & resources + reputation management

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Next-Generation Payments

SikkaPay uses our award-winning health API platform to not only streamline the payment process but also reduce costs and get you paid faster.

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Fee Optimizer

Sikka’s Fee Optimizer uses industry trends, historical, and geographical data as well as year-over-year financials in order to determine the appropriate fee to charge patients.

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Practice Mobilizer allows you to monitor your practice from your phone! The Sikka API seamlessly integrates with your PMS to allow you to securely access your practice data from anywhere!

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