COVID-19 Impact

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On behalf of the Sikka team, our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19. The health and well-being of our customers, associates, and communities is our top priority. As the situation evolves, we understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing and we are actively finding ways to assist those affected during this crisis.

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that dentists nationwide postpone elective procedures to do their part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Concentrating on emergency dental care will allow dentists to care for patients that require emergency procedures and alleviate the burden that dental emergencies would place on hospital emergency departments. For the latest information, please visit

According to AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), having a strong line of communication with clients during and after the pandemic is critical. This is a time when veterinary practices can really strengthen and nurture client relationships. Likewise, team communication is essential. In this unprecedented time, there will be fear and anxiety among team members, and the simple act of listening can build trust and connectivity. For more information, please visit

Impact Map

Interactive map below displays the economic impact to retail healthcare practices due to COVID-19

The interactive heat maps above demonstrate the impact to retail healthcare practices of the current crisis. The Baseline is set to the week of March 8th, where the impact to dental production declined by 80% during April. The impact to Dental Sales Offices (DSO) and Chiropractic offices have been severe, but not so dramatic. Veterinary practices, which are considered an 'essential service' in most states, have seen a reduced impact, averaging a 20% decline. For the Dental map, click on the state to see the impact to dental production and patient visits at the state and county level, as well as a week-by-week trend with year-to-date data.

As states gradually reopen, production is slowly progressing into improvements compared from the beginning, since the crisis took place. View the rebound map here.

Providing Alternative Care During a Public Health Crisis

Amid this pandemic, the ADA is encouraging dental practices to adapt and utilize telecommunications to effectively communicate to its patients. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) have issued guidance regarding HIPAA and use of telecommunications during the COVID-19 crisis. All revised coding/billing, guidance utilizing telecommunications, and practice considerations checklist can be found here.

What is teledentistry?

Teledentistry is the use of electronic information utilizing communication technologies such as video conferences and interactive audio to provide consultations, diagnosis, treatments, transfer of dental information, education and prescribing prescriptions. Teledentistry can connect with patients remotely which provides an easy way for communicating and receiving immediate help with professional advice.

It is important to note that numerous insurance carriers are including teledentistry in their coverage plans. The American Dental Associate (ADA) coding can be found here.


Benefits to

  • Enhanced communication
  • Reduced chair times
  • Remote monitoring of patients
  • Health care education & information
  • Improved oral care outcomes

Benefits to

  • Emergency dental care
  • Informed treatment plans
  • Ease of getting prescriptions
  • Avoid cost of travel
  • Schedule appointments

Sikka is currently offering FREE* teledentistry services to practices and their patients. For more information, please visit online-consult.

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Amid this pandemic, we are proactively seeking information that can alleviate stress during this time. Below are helpful links to articles that can answer some questions of the rapidly changing environment due to COVID-19.

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