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Sikka & the Dental Industry

At Sikka, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored solutions for dental practices by utilizing our award-winning health API platform to help increase efficiency and optimize your practice.


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Sikka Prime NEW!

Removing "busyness" from your business so you can deliver outstanding patient care! The Sikka Prime is our newest tool to help you get the most out of your practice each day.


Optimize your practice, maximize your profits™ with informative dashboards that are updated in real time. Easily track your metrics and make more time for what’s important to you by identifying areas of expertise, potential improvements and opportunities for growth.


Strengthen doctor-patient relationships by taking control of your campaigns, patient communications, practice calendar & more!

Fee Survey

Don't overcharge. Don't undercharge. Supercharge your profits with Sikka's Fee Survey tool to provide fee recommendations for your most popular procedures.


Industry Trends

Take a look at the national trends occurring in the dental industry based on our data of 28K+ practices and 136M+ patients!

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To learn more about Sikka and the dental industry, please contact:

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Roger Telegan

Business Leader of Dentistry
Email | Direct (408) 404-1977


For over 10 years, Roger has worked with the executive team on large enterprise customers in the dental industry. He has also led the company IT strategy and Privacy teams. Prior to this, he worked in a busy dental office in Central California and at AT&T in Data Network and Networking Security. Roger has strong domain and cloud infrastructure experience as well as a deep understanding of data security and HIPAA compliance.