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New Collaboration Announcement
examone logo and ExamOne collaborate to provide oral healthcare information through HealthPiQture

We are thrilled to announce that Sikka's Oral Care Health Indicators will now be available through ExamOne's HealthPiQture™ platform. This collaboration will allow life insurance underwriters to utilize Sikka's extensive dental database and proprietary oral health-based indicators to expand the scope of risk assessment data that inform their risk classifications. This collaboration fits hand-in-hand with ExamOne's HealthPiQture™, which will provide a comprehensive picture of an applicant's past and current health, ultimately increasing the speed and accuracy of accelerated underwriting.

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Sikka & Life Insurance

At Sikka, we use a combination of machine learning, sophisticated AI and data science to create our proprietary Sikka Tobacco Indicator and LECA (Life Expectancy at Current Age) Health Risk Score™, which helps insurance companies deliver real-time decisions in underwriting policies and population modeling.

Accelerated Underwriting

Sikka delivers real-time individual decision API scores including a Sikka Tobacco Indicator and a LECA Score to facilitate life insurance underwriting and pricing.

Real Time Scoring

Sikka provides an instant LECA Score on life expectancy, a score reflecting tobacco use and additional scores on certain chronic diseases and conditions, all with appropriate consent.

Validated with Multiple Retrospective Studies

Sikka's data has been validated with 9M+ life insurance customers across 17 retro studies (and counting!). Major carriers, InsurTech companies, top Reinsurers and leading data providers have all tested Sikka's health indicators and LECA Score.


Sikka currently offers 2 products related to life insurance:

Sikka Health Indicators

These 10 indicators are derived from more than 139 million unique records and can be used to identify health risks among insurance applicants.

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LECA (Life Expectancy at Current Age) Health Risk Score™

A measure of mortality risk of an individual based upon their unique dental procedure history.

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Why Choose Sikka?

Sikka is well-positioned to be the premier provider of oral health data to the life insurance market. No other source can provide the same comprehensiveness in terms of the scale and depth of oral health data. Our world-class data architects and data scientists are able to gather, store, categorize, analyze and deliver this data with great precision and agility. Like other data providers of health information, Sikka is subject to strict HIPAA compliance and security laws.

This data is valuable to traditional insurance carriers and insuretech startups as they provide:

More accurate individual mortality estimates
More consistency in underwriting practices
More precision than expert judgment (manual underwriting)
Improved fraud detection
Reduction in the cost of underwriting each applicant
Reduction in the time to underwrite each applicant
Refined segmentation of discrete underwriting classes
Reduced complexity & friction in onboarding policyholder

Sikka is a very interesting company that’s developed sophisticated indicators around Tobacco, Cardiovascular, and Diabetes from dental records.


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The Correlation Between Oral Care and Mortality

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To learn more about Sikka and insurance, please reach out to Lewis Goldman,
leader of our Sikka Insights – Insurance business.
Lewis Goldman

Lewis Goldman

Sikka Insights – Insurance


Lewis Goldman has over 20 years of experience in insurance and financial services, leveraging data for disruptive innovation across a variety of products and services, and is leading Sikka Software’s Insurance business. Before working with Sikka, Lewis served as executive of LendKey Technologies, a FinTech company. Prior to LendKey, Lewis worked for several years in insurance, including as head of marketing and product for Global Life Distribution and the MetLife direct to consumer life insurance business. He brings a track record of success nurturing and scaling businesses through marketing, new products, new channels of distribution, partnerships, and cross-sell at companies where he worked including Citigroup, LinkedIn,, Amazon, New York Life, and several FinTech and InsurTech startups. Lewis currently teaches marketing at St. Johns University, and is a graduate of Harvard University and Columbia Business School.

Sikka Health Indicators

Sikka has identified 10 health indicators from patient data, derived from over 139 million unique records in the US and Canada. These indicators have a wide range of analyzing various symptoms as well as potential health risks, which correlate with our patients in our database, providing extensive data to accurately pinpoint these risks and assess the indicators accordingly.

Our indicators will assist on determining the proper life insurance policy based on the applicant’s health risk indicators, ensuring that premiums are only applied where needed without the expense of other “less risk” life insurance policy holders.

Sikka’s Health Indicators

  1. 1. Hypertension
  2. 2. Cardiovascular
  3. 3. Tobacco
  4. 4. Cancer
  5. 5. Diabetes
  1. 6. Hyperlipidemia
  2. 7. Kidney Disease
  3. 8. Liver Disease
  4. 9. Blood Disease
  5. 10. Other

Tobacco Indicator

The Sikka Tobacco Indicator is generated for an individual based on his or her dental clinical notes and completed oral health evaluations, which have been fed through a machine-learning model. Sikka’s patient records are assigned to one of two classes: tobacco user (T) or no evidence of tobacco use (NE).

1-Minute Video: How Sikka Insights Is Thwarting “Smoking Liars”

A segment from Sikka’s webinar:
Smoking Gums - Using Oral Care Data to Identify Self-Reported Misinformation for Life Insurance

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Sikka Tobacco Indicator & Munich Re Study

Munich Re is a leading global provider of reinsurance, primary insurance & insurance-related risk solutions.

In 2019, Munich Re performed a validation of Sikka’s Tobacco Score using insured records. Research confirms that information about dental health can be informative about overall health, and products such as Sikka’s tap into this alternative source of information. Munich Re recommends each carrier perform a retrospective study to best assess the value and application of the Sikka Tobacco Score on its company-specific insured population.

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To learn more about Sikka Health Indicators, please reach out to Lewis Goldman,
leader of our Sikka Insights – Insurance business.

Lewis Goldman

Sikka Insights – Insurance

LECA (Life Expectancy at Current Age)
Health Risk Score™

The LECA Score is a scoring platform that uses dental procedure history to classify the individuals based on their Life Expectancy at Current Age (LECA).

leca-banner-graphic’s Data Science Team presents

LECA Risk Score: A Big Data Predictive Model Using Individual’s Dental Procedures History

February 2022

Sikka Software distributes platforms for dental Practice Management Systems (PMSs) for retail healthcare that includes dentistry, veterinary, audiology, optometry, chiropractic, orthodontics, oral surgery and more. The Sikka Marketplace harnesses the power of over 46 unique apps for doctors and teams to gain full control of their practice while viewing real-time industry metrics. Sikka seamlessly connects to 96% of the retail healthcare market throughout the US and is processing billions of transactions a day. These platforms help practices to optimize their businesses, profitability, patient satisfaction, and patient medical history analysis, via gathering and analyzing their data into Sikka’s HIPAA compliant cloud on the regular bases.

Literature review shows that correlations exist between the oral health and mortality. For example, heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the USA with about 630,000 deaths per year1. Overall, many clinical studies show a direct relationship between oral hygiene care and mortality rate. Studies showed that gum diseases increases the risk of cardiovascular disease because the gum diseases spread harmful bacterias and infections directly to blood, and when they reach to a susceptible heart, they can cause inflammation that calls Endocarditis2.

These studies are usually performed on a small clinical population with a limited time period. Nonetheless, these studies were the initial trigger for the Sikka Software to perform a survival analysis study on its big dataset for the possible mortality risk correlations with the individual’s dental procedures history. An actuarial analysis is performed on the type, frequency, and the time-dependency of the dental procedures and mortality rates. For predictive modeling, the Cox Proportional Hazard Regression was used to estimate the covariance coefficients, confidence intervals, and their statistical significance over 1,000 discretized attributes indicating the frequency of distinct procedure code in each calendar year.

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To learn more about LECA (Life Expectancy at Current Age) Health Risk Score™, please reach out to Lewis Goldman,
leader of our Sikka Insights – Insurance business.
Lewis Goldman

Lewis Goldman

Sikka Insights – Insurance