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At, we use a combination of machine learning, sophisticated AI and data science to create our proprietary Sikka Tobacco Indicator and LECA (Life Expectancy at Current Age) Health Risk Score®, which helps insurance companies deliver real-time decisions in underwriting policies and population modeling.

Accelerated Underwriting

Sikka delivers real-time individual decision API scores including a Sikka Tobacco Indicator and a LECA Score® to facilitate life insurance underwriting and pricing.

Real Time Scoring

Sikka provides an instant LECA Score® on life expectancy, a score reflecting tobacco use, and additional scores on certain chronic diseases and conditions, all with appropriate consent.

Retrospective Studies

Dataset validated with comprehensive retrospective studies with industry leaders.

1-Minute Video: How Sikka Insights Is Thwarting “Smoking Liars”

Sikka is a very interesting company that’s developed sophisticated indicators around Tobacco, Cardiovascular, and Diabetes from dental records.


Trailer for "Smoking Gums" webinar:

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To learn more about and insurance, please reach out to Lewis Goldman,
leader of our Sikka Insights – Insurance business.
Lewis Goldman

Lewis Goldman

Sikka Insights, Insurance


Lewis Goldman has over 20 years of experience in insurance and financial services, leveraging data for disruptive innovation across a variety of products and services, and is leading Sikka Software’s Insurance business. Before working with Sikka, Lewis served as executive of LendKey Technologies, a FinTech company. Prior to LendKey, Lewis worked for several years in insurance, including as head of marketing and product for Global Life Distribution and the MetLife direct to consumer life insurance business. He brings a track record of success nurturing and scaling businesses through marketing, new products, new channels of distribution, partnerships, and cross-sell at companies where he worked including Citigroup, LinkedIn,, Amazon, New York Life, and several FinTech and InsurTech startups. Lewis currently teaches marketing at St. Johns University, and is a graduate of Harvard University and Columbia Business School.